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Joining NBWE
* To join NBWE, you must either reside or conduct your business within 5kms of the Northern Region of Sydney as marked on Google Maps CLICK HERE.
* Out-of-area businesses may join if they offer goods and services that are under-supplied in this area.
* Exhibiting at expos is optional, and many members join to access our web and Facebook traffic.
* We have a common membership expiry date of 23rd April, when invitations will be made to renew for twelve months.
* New members are listed on both and for the single membership fee.
* Expos are hosted by venues who may cancel an event at any time.
* NBWE reserves the sole right to approve new memberships, continuing memberships and membership renewals.
* NBWE will decide the number of members allowed in each service category on the website and at expos

* New members are listed on NBWE with a page that provides:
   ~ 100-150 words of text, depending on size of logo;
   ~ an main image to fit within a 600px by 600px square window;
   ~ a contact details box which includes an email, Facebook, Instagram and website link.
   ~ a logo or header image up to 300px wide (depth depends of how much text is needed);
* Each page background is white and font is standard Helvetica; there are no font or background colour options. 
* New members supply the separate components that will be used to build their webpage. These are: a text description of their product or service as a ".doc" or "rtf" file; a jpg up to 600px square; a logo or header jpg up to 300px wide and up to 600px high (depending on amount of text needed); plus contact details.
* It is the members responsibility to verify that all of the supplied information and links are correct.
* Each time your webpage is visited, an email is generated informing you of the visit. This feature provides a "real-time" measure of how much exposure your page is receiving.

* The joining fee is $250 (gst inc). This fee includes a one page listing on both nBwe plus your first year of membership.
* You may have a duplicate listing in any other category other than your main category for an extra $50 per listing.
* Twelve months membership renewal (23 April to 23 April) is $250 (gst inc).
* For multiple listings, renewal is $25 per listing in a different category.
* If joining part way into the membership year the joining fee is reduceable by $20 per month.
* An expo advertising fee is paid for each expo that you attend.
* Expo exhibitors are provided with a trestle table, a white tablecloth and two chairs. A wall space or access to a power outlet cannot be garanteed.
* Once paid, Membership Fees, Renewal Fees and Registration Fees are not refundable.

* You must be a current member of NBWE in order to exhibit at our expos;
* Only registered NBWE exhibitors may promote their services and products at NBWE expos;
* Attendence at an expo is via a completed Registration Form and payment of the $225 registration fee;
* There is a general limit of four exhibitors per category, except where space permits a higher number;
* Venues (other than the host venue) are not eligible to register for expos;
* In categories with more that four members, expo registrations will be on a rotational basis wherever possible;
* Members are not permitted to advertise services other than those stated on their nbwe membership webpage;
*  Exhibitors must limit their advertising to the display of their goods and services in the space provided within the expo venue;
* Pressure selling techniques are not permitted at our expos;
* No direct-to-public retail selling is permitted at any of our expos;
* By joining NBWE you agree to support the NBWE Facebook page by sharing relevant items to your own business page.
* It is also a condition of registration for any expo you attend that you agree to share NBWE Facebook posts that promote your upcoming expo. In this way you are adding impact to our expo promotion campaigns.
    * To join, please use the online application form via the link below. When submitted, a copy will be emailed to NBWE and a copy sent to your email address.
    * Before joining please read the information on this page. If you join NBWE, it is assumed you have read this information and agree to rules and policies of NBWE.
    *If you wish to proceed with an application to join us, please email to confirm your eligibility to join before completing the online application form below. When filling out the form, please note that it is case sensitive, so do not use dots, dashes, spaces or anything other than numbers and letters.

    Click Here to Apply to Join Now.